Campus Operations Update

May 1, 2024

Across the University Park Campus, there is a flurry of activity as teams work around the clock to prepare for over 100 commencement ceremonies, celebrations, and receptions, which begin on May 8.

Starting Tuesday, May 2, we will begin a new entry process for UPC. All parking garages will remain open; whether you are arriving by car, public transit or on foot, you will be able to enter at these points:  

  1. McCarthy Way and Figueroa Street.
  2. Watt Way and 34th Street.
  3. McClintock Street and Childs Way.

It may take additional time to get to and pass through these entry points with the new security protocols in place:

  • Entry to campus continues to be limited to students, faculty, staff, registered guests and known vendors with confirmation of work.
  • Similar to access controls currently in place at the Lyon Center and USC Village Fitness Center, student, staff and faculty ID cards will be scanned.
  • All bags will be subject to search.
  • Individuals wearing face coverings will be asked to pull them down briefly for ID verification.

Thank you for helping us keep our campus safe as we prepare for commencement. All official news and updates about USC’s commencement ceremonies and events can be found on our commencement website, updated regularly.