Thank You for Making Your Voice Heard!

I appreciate all of you who took the time to share your thoughts with us through the USC Culture Survey. Your anonymous feedback regarding our university culture – and the extent to which you see our Unifying Values being lived out through your experiences and interactions – are essential to the current and future path of USC.

Preliminary returns show that over 14,000 of you shared your voice through the survey. Of that, 45 percent were students, 15 percent were faculty, and 40 percent were staff. This level of participation demonstrates our community’s commitment to providing feedback that will drive our Culture Journey forward.

Because of your engagement with this survey, we will learn about areas of strength, as well as aspects of our culture on which we can increase our focus and improve. We are committed to a USC culture and environment that best serve our vibrant, innovative, caring, and diverse community.

Over the next several months, our nonprofit partners at the Ethics and Compliance Initiative will analyze the data collected through the Culture Survey responses, share early findings, and we will host the first of several university-wide report-back sessions in May 2024 to share high-level results with you. After that, you can expect several additional report-back and discussion sessions to be scheduled, during fall semester, both at the university-wide and school/unit levels. Please be on the lookout for invitations to these sessions. Your input matters and is appreciated.

In the meantime, you may be interested in visiting the USC Culture Journey webpage, which contains historical information, upcoming events, reports, a survey FAQ, and a number of ways for you to get involved.

Fight On!

Carol L. Folt