Celebrating Latinx/e Heritage Month

Celebrating Latinx/e Heritage Month at USC

Latinx, Latino/a or Chicano: USC students share what they call themselves and why.

USC students talk about which labels they prefer, the stories behind them and the significance of self-identifying the way they do.

“The term Afro-Latinx to me really highlights the intersectionality of my identity, if that makes sense,” she said. “I do identify as Latinx because my mom is from El Salvador, but I’m also Black because my dad is from Jamaica. It can get kind of confusing, and the lines can get blurred. But there are other people that are Afro-Latinx, like Black people that are born in Cuba, who would consider themselves Latinx. So that’s what that term means to me.”

Monique Lennon Gonzalez

Latinx/e Heritage Month Events at USC

Latinx/e Heritage Month Kickoff

Celebrate the kickoff for Latinx/e Heritage Month 2023 on Zoom and in Tommy’s Place.


Exploring Latinx History

In this workshop we will explore the Robin Dunitz Mural archive with a particular focus on the Latinx history and communities.


Latinx/e Heritage Month Closing

Come out for music, food, culture and special guests at the live closing event.


Want more Latinx/e Heritage Month Events? Visit USC’s Event Calendar.

Latinx/e Heritage Month Spotify Playlist

A playlist curated by USC students from La CASA and other Latinx clubs and orgs.

USC News Stories

Voices Across Campus

The importance of Latine resilience at USC

Dimelo explores film “Tortillas,” the first-ever production with LatiFam and a majority Latine crew.

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Books to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

Two USC MacArthur Fellows recommend readings and video for Latinx Heritage Month.

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USC Latine Student Assembly

Latinx Student Assembly changes name to Latine Student Assembly.

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La CASA moves in fall 2023

The USC Latinx student population is growing, so is their space.

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USC Noche de Cultura

Daily Trojan covers the closing ceremony in 2022.

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Latinx/e Heritage Month Discussion

USC faculty experts discuss stories of how Latinx/e communities throughout Los Angeles are shaping its culture, history, and struggles for social justice.

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Get Involved


Established in 1972, La CASA provides empowerment through cultural identity, leadership and community building for USC students.

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USC Latino Forum

The USC Latino Forum has served as the voice of Latino faculty and staff at USC since 1987. It hosts social, academic and intellectual events that celebrate and stimulate conversations throughout the semester.

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USC Latino Alumni Association

The USC Latino Alumni Association (LAA) is devoted to the academic advancement and development of Latino students attending USC. The association provides support, leadership training, service opportunities and networking.

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Celebrate Latinx/e Heritage Month with USC