From LASIK to Telemedicine: How a USC Ophthalmologist is Revolutionizing Vision Care in Guam

Photo of Dr. Charles Flowers, MD
Charles W. Flowers, MD, Ophthalmology (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco)

Charles Flowers Jr., MD, is a renowned eye surgeon and physician at the USC Roski Eye Institute, who has made significant contributions to eye care in Guam.

Charles W. Flowers, Jr., MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, is recognized as one of the United States’ top eye surgeons for his expertise in cornea and refractive surgery. He specializes in laser vision correction, in particular laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedures, along with cataract surgery and corneal transplantation. In addition to the work he performs at the USC Roski Eye Institute, Dr. Flowers has spent more than a decade of his life performing vision-saving eye care procedures in the U.S. Island Territory of Guam.

“Before I began to offer laser vision correction procedures in Guam, anyone who wanted laser vision correction either had to travel to the Philippines or the United States – a thirteen-hour flight. You couldn’t get care if you didn’t have the means to get off the island,” Dr. Flowers said.

His work in Guam began in 2010 when a former resident of his, Dr. Anthony Smith, requested Dr. Flowers’ assistance in establishing a LASIK center at his Guam based practice, Island Eye Institute. Intrigued by the opportunity, Dr. Flowers flew to Guam to conduct an initial site visit. From 2010 to 2013, Dr. Flowers dedicated his efforts to designing and establishing a LASIK center for Island Eye Institute.

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