8/23- Campus Emergency Procedures

To:USC Faculty and Staff   From:David WrightSenior Vice President, AdministrationDate:August 23, 2021    Subject:   Campus Emergency Procedures
To: USC Faculty and Staff

From: David Wright, Senior Vice President, Administration

August 23, 2021

Fellow Trojans,

With so many of us returning to our physical workspaces after nearly 18 months, it is critical that we take a moment to reacquaint ourselves with several important campus emergency procedures. The materials linked below, prepared by our Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Office of Fire Safety and Emergency Planning, provide guidance and a set of procedures for a range of potential emergencies, including building evacuations, fires, earthquakes, medical emergencies, active shooter, and other situations. Please watch the videos and take the actions listed below to help ensure that you and your department/school are prepared.   
Please watch the following:
Campus Emergency Procedures Video (9 minutes)
USC Active Shooter Procedures (4 minutes)

As you return to your workspace, please refamiliarize yourself with the following:
– Locate all of your emergency exit options.
– Identify the evacuation assembly area for your building. Click here to look up your building’s emergency fact sheet. It includes evacuation assembly areas and locations for emergency supplies.
– Identify the location of at least two fire extinguishers near your workspace. Watch this video (1.5 minutes) on how to use a fire extinguisher.
– Identify the location of a first aid kit in your workspace.
– Identify a safe location to Drop, Cover and Hold On in the event of an earthquake. Clear a space under your desk. 
– Reacquaint yourself with the LiveSafe Mobile Safety App.

Emergency procedure resources:
Quick Resource Guide for Students (available in multiple languages)
Emergency Response Guide for Faculty and Staff (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Cardinal Folder)
USC Emergency Procedures

If you work or visit any off-campus facilities, please review the emergency procedures for your specific location. For assistance with emergency preparedness training and planning, please contact:
– Fire Safety & Emergency Planning: sgoldfar@usc.edu 
– Active shooter training through DPS: rroseli@dps.usc.edu

Stay safe and Fight On!