From the Maker Space to SpaceX: Why Engineering is Far More than Fundamentals

Victoria Pinkett

Graduating mechanical engineer Victoria Pinkett has a practical frame of mind. While some engineers are drawn to the math and fundamental theories, Pinkett has always had a tendency to take a hands-on approach. From designing the most aerodynamic wings for optimal flight, to taking on student leadership roles, to winning a coveted internship at SpaceX – it’s fair to say she’s ready for some real-world problem solving.

You interned at SpaceX last summer. What were some of the highlights and key takeaways?

I secured the internship after connecting with a SpaceX recruiter through an event at USC! This gave me the chance to work on their Starlink program as a hardware reliability engineering intern. Starlink involves creating satellites for space-based internet and user terminals that function as Wi-Fi antennas, power supplies and routers.

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