The USC Viterbi ISE Graduate Weaving Words and Limbs

Meredith Lapidas

Meredith Lapidas can’t not write. Ever since she was in middle school, telling stories and spinning creativity from her day-to-day experiences and observations was just something she was physically compelled to do – even as she moved into the STEM field. The B.S. ISE Class of 2024 graduate recently published two poetry collections: her debut, Midnight Trepidations, a reflection on her journey into young adulthood, and its follow-up West ‘Til Morning.

But if bending and shaping words into poems weren’t enough, Lapidas has also explored a passion for bending and shaping herself as a contortion artist. She will now bring her uniquely creative backstory into the professional world as a technology consultant for PwC, where she has been interning throughout her senior year.

Growing up in Massachusetts, Lapidas said she always loved the written word. While many of her classmates turned to SparkNotes to help them through the school reading lists, she was devouring the classics. Lapidas counts Joan Didion and Haruki Murakami as her literary idols.

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