Single Mom Reignites Career in Politics and Public Service at USC Price

USC Price student, Veronica Frazier, in front of a brick wall
A former small business owner, Veronica Frazier is returning to a world of public policy with the MPA program online at USC Price. (Photo / Courtesy of Veronica Frazier)

While Veronica Frazier took a break from her career in the political and nonprofit space to raise her children and run a small business, she is now pursuing her Master of Public Administration (MPA) online.

Veronica Frazier, a student in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program online, has long been passionate about public service.

Following her undergraduate studies in political science at Brigham Young University–Hawaii, Frazier entered the world of politics and took up various positions in governmental campaigns and nonprofits. The birth of her first child, however, soon changed her career plans and led Frazier to utilize her skills in a different — and entrepreneurial — way.

“I wanted to stay home and be there for my children during those early years, so I started a small business and owned and operated that for roughly six years. Then, once I was officially done with child-rearing and felt like they were at a good age, I decided to go back to school. I always wanted to re-enter politics and the nonprofit world or sector,” she explained.

As she researched options for graduate school, Frazier knew she needed a flexible, online program that would allow her to balance her studies with her family life in San Antonio, Texas. Ultimately, she decided on the MPA program online at USC Price School of Public Policy.

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