New communication major creates fan edits to bring people together

Photo of Jill Ofodu holding her USC acceptance letter.
Jill Ofodu will study communication at USC Annenberg beginning fall 2023. (Photo courtesy of Jill Ofodu)

@sweeteaedits and @sweeteaeditsig. For Jill Ofodu these handles on Instagram and TikTok respectively encapsulate her passion as a content creator and video editor that first began in the seventh grade. She curates popular movie and television scenes into 15- to 30-second video compilations paired with trending music, transitions and cool effects. 

“I’m really drawn to the blend of art and fandom when it comes to making fan edits and being able to hone my creativity in a visual-auditory experience,” Ofodu said. “It allows me to connect to a community of like-minded individuals who all appreciate storytelling through the lens of our favorite fictional worlds.” 

Recently, one of Ofodu’s fan cam edits of Suki and Brian from Fast and the Furious reached over 2 million views on TikTok. Her Instagram posts have been recognized and reshared by the actors featured in her edits, including Xochitl Gomez, Joy Sunday and Talia Ryder. Even executives at Disney and Walden Media have amplified her work.

While at USC Annenberg, Ofodu will study communication and hopes to join the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative to investigate how marginalized communities are portrayed onscreen.

“I’m excited about being very close to the entertainment industry because I want to study communication and its effects on culture and entertainment,” she said.

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