The Biomedical Engineer Scaling New Heights – Literally

Photo of Emily Powis rock climbing.
Class of 2022 USC Viterbi Biomedical Engineering graduate Emily Powis climbing at Tick Rock in Pacific Palisades, California. (Image / Jack Green).

Class of 2022 graduate Emily Powis balances her 3D ultrasound research with death-defying climbing and bouldering adventures.

As a Coloradan growing up in the shadow of spectacular mountains, mesas and forests, the great outdoors was always going to be a big part of Emily Powis’ life. Being the child of adventurous parents only fueled her daredevil sensibility, with every family trip a camping and hiking trek into the wilderness.

“Our vacations were not really relaxing ­— they were just us doing something really cool and going to crazy places. It was something that I didn’t realize was abnormal until I spoke to friends about their vacations on the beach,” Powis laughed.

Now, as she graduates from USC Viterbi as a biomedical engineer specializing in 3D ultrasound research, Powis has maintained her sense of adventure. Not only does she lead outdoor expeditions through SC Outfitters, but she’s also co-captain and co-president of the SC climbing team, spending her spare time at California’s climbing hotspots, scaling intimidating rock formations.

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