Kailey Breyer Brings Joy – and a Little Coding – to Girls

Photo of Kailey Breyer and girls from Kailey's Queens.
In August 2019, Kailey Breyer (center) created Kailey's Queens, an in-person and now online "safe space for girls between 9 and 16 to disconnect from social media to create genuine connections, build leadership skills, and discover lifelong confidence." (Photo/ Courtesy of Kailey Breyer)

The USC Viterbi alumna and founder of Kailey’s Queens organizes events for 9- to 16-year-olds that foster friendship, learning and fun.

At age 10, Kailey Breyer, B.S. ISE ’20, christened herself teacher to her three younger siblings.

For the next five years “Ms. K,” as her brother Tate and sisters Ariella and Talia called her, held daily afterschool tutoring sessions. Writing on a whiteboard in her room, she taught them math and English. To keep them engaged, Breyer would find knickknacks from around the house and award prizes for correct answers.

Ariella Breyer, now a senior at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, called the daily lessons among her fondest childhood memories. “I learned so much from her. She made learning fun,” she said. “Kailey just has a passion for helping people, for teaching and inspiring.”

Helping, teaching and inspiring — that is the essence of USC Viterbi  alumna Kailey Breyer. Whether captaining her high school girls’ dance team to a Super Bowl appearance or helping to double the membership of her local B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO), a teen Jewish group, Breyer has shown an ability to lead, unite and instill confidence in others to help them realize their potential.

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