From Disney to Startups and AI, a Designer Makes Her Mark

Photo of Sydney Loew

Sydney Loew only graduated in Spring 2022, but she’s already put her versatile skill set to work in roles that integrate business, design, marketing, and technology. Having minored in Comedy, you might say she has a “yes, and…” approach to her professional journey. Currently, she works part-time as a brand designer for the marketing startup Wisepops, while simultaneously hitting her design stride at Yellow Shoes, Disney’s internal ad agency for Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products. Her day-to-day at both positions are wildly distinctive, synchronously allowing her to pull from her dexterous tool belt, while giving her the dual perspective of a startup and an established company. 

At Disney, Loew works on multiple projects with the momentum one would expect from a high-profile corporation. Whether she’s putting together a billboard for Epcot Center or promoting a Hawaiian resort, Loew taps into her storytelling skills to make sure her designs stand out. 

“As far as Disney projects go, it’s super fast paced. Very tight deadlines. I have five or six projects I’m working on at a time. Definitely the project-based learning we do at IYA helped me prepare for that, especially pitching,” Loew explains. “I’ve had to do so many pitches. … It’s not just the design work – I’m learning how to format it so it tells a story.” 

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