Skateboard Diplomacy

Photo of Miles Jackson holding a skateboard
Photo / Miles Jackson

First-year Full-Time MBA student Miles Jackson brings skills and a global mindset to Cuban youth through skateboarding.

What’s an “ollie,” a “heelflip” or a “switch flip” have to do with social entrepreneurship and global diplomacy?” A lot if you’re Miles Jackson, a first-year student in Marshall’s Full-Time MBA program who is the driving force behind Cuba Skate, a nonprofit organization that brings a humanitarian mission to Cuban youth – via skateboards, tools, cooperative skills and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“Skateboarding brings people from around the world together,” said Jackson. “And the community is incredibly generous. We are giving Cuban youth the tools to skate through life.”

Cuba Skate aims to help develop a new generation of leaders that are better equipped to tackle challenges in their own lives and connect their local and global communities

Cuba Skate’s projects have garnered the support of the global skateboarding community, as well as endorsements from brands such as Adidas, EA Sports and Stance Socks. It has received support from the foundations of celebrity skateboarders such as Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Project. Jackson, who has been to Cuba more than 100 times since his first visit as a college student in 2010, has been invited to give TEDX TALKS on his work.

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