Senior Spotlight: Ava Noble’s Musical Theater Survival Guide

How one member of the USC Kaufman Class of 2023 is looking out for the next generation of musical theater stars.

Ava Noble (BFA ‘23) grew up doing musicals. 

From a young age, Noble was enamored by the world of musical theater. “I remember auditioning for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown Jr. in sixth grade for the role of Snoopy,” she said. “I was so nervous that I forgot the entire song during my audition.” 

However, moments later, she politely asked to start over, tried again and secured herself a rather flawless Snoopy costume. Despite only being in middle school, this experience fueled her fire “to want to master the art of auditioning.” Soon after, Noble went on to a performing arts high school, where she would participate in the annual musical, reflecting her later involvement in productions of A Chorus Line and Carrie at USC. Today, through the pages of her senior project — a Musical Theater Survival Guide — Noble wishes to share her ardor and knowledge with her readers and the USC Kaufman family. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your project and what we can expect from it?

Of course! My project’s title will be the Musical Theater Survival Guide, a binder of sorts that includes tips and tricks for students who are interested in pursuing a career in musical theater. My goal is to create this knowledge base that will be passed along, read by all students, from the BFA population to dance minors. Essentially, it is to help those who are aspiring performers in dance theater. The contents of the binder are informed by research into how a college student may best prepare themselves for a career in musical theater.

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