8/4 – Prevention Education Requirement for Return to Campuses

To: USC Students 

Re: Prevention Education Requirement for Return to Campuses

Fr: Monique S. Allard, Ed.D., Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Sarah Van Orman, M.D., MMM, FACHA, Chief Health Officer, USC Student Health, Division Chief for College Health, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Catherine Spear, Vice President for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX and Title IX Coordinator

August 4, 2022

Fall 2022 classes are quickly approaching and we hope you are enjoying your summer.

You are a key partner in supporting a culture at USC that is built on mutual respect, embraces diversity, encourages all students to pursue their goals, and supports well-being. As part of that, you also have a responsibility to understand the university’s expectations for behavior. 

Prevention Education Modules: Due August 22

All incoming and continuing undergraduate, graduate, and professional students must complete required online Prevention Education Modules (PEMs) before the start of classes on August 22, 2022. The online modules are available through Trojan Learn (trojanlearn.usc.edu). 

This training program contains vital information regarding expectations for student conduct, how to access on- and off-campus support resources, and shared language that reinforces our community’s values. 

Students who do not complete the training by the August 22 deadline will be subject to registration holds affecting their ability to add classes for the Fall semester and register for the Spring semester, in addition to fines and other compliance measures.


If you are a new student starting at USC this August, please go to trojanlearn.usc.edu and complete the online requirements by August 22, 2022.

Trainings for new undergraduate and graduate students include: AlcoholEdu for College (for undergraduates), Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAP-U); Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students (SAP-G); Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Staying Safe. 

In addition, the live facilitated discussion, “Trojans Respect Consent” (CHRSH 01, available for registration in Trojan Learn starting on August 22) must be completed by all new undergraduate students. The deadline to fulfill live session requirements is February 27, 2023. Reminders to register for live sessions will be sent to your USC email.

Thank you for completing your previous training requirements. This year all returning USC students, in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, must complete the following training: 
 Sexual Assault Prevention, Ongoing (SAP-O) provides updated information related to and building on previous training requirements as part of the University’s commitment to fostering a safe environment and ensuring full compliance with federal and state law, including Title IX. All USC students continuing in their degree programs must complete this training by August 22. This training is available in trojanlearn.usc.edu, starting today.* * * * *
 We recognize that these topics can be difficult. Please be aware that there are several resources available, including confidential resources within USC Student Health, such as Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Servicesand Counseling and Mental HealthA list of additional support resources can be found on the Office for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX website

Our unifying values challenge us to act with integrity and call on each of us to be accountable for strengthening a USC culture that instills trust and reinforces ethical decision-making. We know you are purpose-driven, practical, and determined to make a positive impact on the world – these characteristics are essential for educational, personal, and professional success. 

We thank you in advance for your attention to these important trainings and commitment to treat all fellow Trojans with the utmost respect.