1/21 – For Students: In-Person Learning and Continuity of Education

January 21, 2022

Dear Students,

On Monday, we return to campus for in-person instruction while continuing to navigate the ongoing realities of COVID-19. We have instituted a host of measures intended to protect our community, but we still anticipate feeling the impact of the pandemic through temporary disruptions in attendance and class participation. As such, we want to remind you that we are committed to ensuring the continuity of your education even when you are required to be out of class. 

Continuity of education means that you should not fall behind or be subject to academic penalties due to time away while sick, isolating, or otherwise observing the university’s COVID-19 protocols. Faculty have several options to ensure continuity, such as streaming lectures, recording lectures and making them available online, and/or making course materials such as lecture notes and handouts available online. Similarly, faculty will also provide opportunities for isolating students to make up missed assessments or provide alternative means of participation. Faculty have the discretion to choose the option that works best for their class and are not required to provide one option over another (such as recordings). Please discuss with your professors the kind of options they plan to provide, and how they would prefer to be informed in the event of your absence. 

Please also bear in mind that these contingencies are in place for those that need them. They are not intended to be a substitute for in-person learning. Classroom dynamics contribute considerably to the quality of instruction, and we ask that you utilize these resources in good faith. As always, clear and open communication with your professors and academic advisors, as well as operating under the guiding principle that we are all working collectively to ensure positive educational outcomes, will help to ensure this semester is productive and enjoyable. 


Andrew McConnell Stott
Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Dean of the USC Graduate School
Professor of English