University’s response to Simon Wiesenthal Center

President Folt and the USC Board of Trustees have publicly and unequivocally denounced antisemitism in all its forms and are committed to creating an environment which is safe for our Jewish community.

The university understands why students, faculty and staff have felt unsafe following a series of hateful tweets that called for violence against both Jews and Zionism, which is an important part of the identity of many Jewish people. The tweets in question violated USC’s community values and we have addressed that with the student, consistent with California law. Federal laws do not permit us to disclose additional information regarding private conversations with this or any other student.

Jewish people are an important and valued part of USC’s community. The university takes pride in the dynamic Jewish organizations and programs on campus, including Chabad at USC, Hillel, Casden Institute and USC Shoah Foundation, all working to counter antisemitism and create a thriving Jewish community on and off campus.

We are committed to strengthening the Jewish community at USC and ensuring that our campus is free of hate speech, including antisemitism and all forms of anti-Jewish hate. We are actively listening as we work together to make the USC community a safe space for students, staff, faculty of all identities and faiths.

USC is not the only campus impacted by antisemitism, and we are committed to working with colleagues across the country to make all our campuses safer and more welcoming.