5/3 – Important Dates — Continuity of Care for Summer 2021

May 3, 2021

TO:      USC Students

FR:      USC Student Health

RE:      Important Dates — Continuity of Care for Summer 2021

As we are approaching the end of the spring semester, we remind all students that the Spring Student Health Fee coverage period formally ends on May 23, 2021. Students who would like to continue accessing services (primary care visits, illness/injury visits, immunizations, mental health visits, group therapy, workshops) through USC Student Health over the summer may opt-in for the summer health fee for either one or both summer session periods. The cost is $15 per week in 7-week blocks; costs are listed below:

TermStart DateEnd DateCost
Full Summer5/17/20218/15/2021$195 *
Summer Session 15/17/20217/4/2021$105 *
Summer Session  26/28/20218/15/2021$105 

* Continuing students are pro-rated one week ($15) for an overlap in service coverage for the week of 5/17 – 5/24; total for continuing students from Spring 2021 is $180 for the full summer of services; total cost for Session I only is $90.

  • To Opt-in for the Summer Health Fee, please email studenthealth@usc.edu with the subject line “Summer Health Fee Opt-in.”


Continuing and graduating students may access COVID-19 testing for the summer without opting in through the Student Health Fee. This service will be available to May graduates until the start of the Fall Student Health Fee coverage period, on August 15, 2021.

COVID-19 Vaccinations are available to all USC students; appointments are available through MySHRand walk-ins are accepted at the Lyon Center location from 8 AM – 2 PM during vaccination days. 

  • For students who may need help overcoming anxiety of injections, Counseling and Mental Health Services is offering a “Needle Fear Workshop” —  if you have a fear of needles or injections, you’re not alone. This one-hour workshop provides helpful strategies to manage your injection anxiety when getting your COVID-19 or other vaccines. Visit MySHR and look for this new workshop. 

We strongly encourage all students to get vaccinated before departing for travel for the summer; if you are taking a two-dose series, you may get your first dose through USC Student Health and obtain your second dose of the same vaccine when you arrive at your summer destination (check with your local county health department for availability). View the Domestic Travel Safety Guide prepared by USC Environmental Health and Safety for staying safe during travel.


We congratulate you on this tremendous achievement in completing your USC degree, especially in the time of pandemic—you did it, and we are proud to have provided your care during your time at USC. We want to make sure you have as smooth a transition to post-graduate life as can be possible, so are sharing these important reminders:

Health Insurance: We wanted to make sure you are aware of your options for health care after you graduate. If you purchased the USC Student Health Insurance Plan for the Spring 2021 semester, your insurance coverage will end on August 14, 2021. We recommend beginning to look for new a health insurance plan at least 6 weeks prior (the end of June/beginning of July) to avoid any lapses in coverage. Aetna Student Health can provide proof of coverage (termination letter) by calling (877) 626-2299. Insurance options for California residents through state exchanges can be researched on coveredca.com.

Eligibility for Services at USC Student Health: please note that your last eligible day for services is May 23, 2021, including providing prescriptions. Please be sure to contact us if you need to see a provider before that day. Please note providers cannot refill medications 1) for controlled substances; 2) that have not been prescribed by a Student Health provider in the past 12 months; or 3) that require a clinical exam before a renewal. You may opt-in for services for the summer months, please see the previous section on the opt-in process and costs for the Summer Health Fee.

Medical Records: We will be happy to transfer your medical records to a new medical provider upon receipt of a signed authorization to do so. Instructions and forms for release of medical recordsare available online. 

As our time this year has ended without a chance to continue some of our in-person work, we would like to share with you a guide on Mindfulness Skills for Daily Living from Dr. Yong Park on our Counseling and Mental Health team. “Let’s Talk” sessions via Zoom are also available in MySHR, if you need some additional support as the academic year comes to a close.