10/14: Fall grading policy adjustment and new information on spring classes

The university today issued several updates regarding fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters:

  • The fall semester Pass/No Pass grading option deadline is extended through Nov. 13, as is the deadline for dropping a class.
  • Spring classes for undergraduates will begin Jan. 15, with classes ending April 30 and exams concluding May 12. To minimize the risk of the virus spreading due to travel, there will be no spring recess.
  • Graduate programs may follow the revised spring calendar or adhere to their original calendars.
  • The majority of spring classes are expected to be online, with some hybrid and in-person modalities. State and local health restrictions still preclude us from resuming any on-campus activities, but we have designed the spring schedule to be as flexible as possible and have the ability to pivot back to fully remote or open more courses for in-person and hybrid modalities. Students who are unable to attend in-person classes for any reason will be able to meet their full academic requirements online.

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