8/28: New Scholarship Opportunity

To: USC Students

From: Elizabeth A. Graddy, Executive Vice Provost

Date: August 28, 2020

Subject: New Scholarship Opportunity

I want to let you know about an exciting scholarship opportunity announced recently through the philanthropic initiative Schmidt Futures. The Reimagine Challenge 2020 calls on college and university students to imagine what is possible during this unique time in our history.

Interested students will be required to submit a short, written project proposal that addresses one of two topics:

  • Sparking a Global Movement

What is one concrete way that you could motivate one million people to work together to make the world meaningfully better within ten years? What would you do, what would be the key steps to grow an effective massive action, and why would this have significant impact? Why should we have confidence that you will succeed and how would we know that you had succeeded?

  • Community Impact from COVID-19

What is the most surprising or unusual insight you have had about your community in the wake of the pandemic? Given this insight, what is the most important concrete action that you and a growing group of others could take to help your community or country better respond to changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic? How would you and we know you had succeeded?

Up to 20 final entries will be selected as winners to be published in an online anthology and up to $1 million will be awarded in scholarships and prizes. Each winning author will receive up to $25,000 in scholarships, as well as garnering an additional $25,000 award to our university.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to engage with your peers on innovative solutions to some of our world’s greatest challenges as we move forward during this crucial moment in history.

For more information please visit https://www.reimaginepod.org/challenge.

cc: Office of the President

Academic Deans

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