Support Funds

Support Funds

Information on how to help our students, staff and the USC community

In this unprecedented time, some members of the Trojan family will require additional assistance. If you feel compelled to help those affected by COVID-19, consider donating to one of the designated support funds.

If you are a member of our family in need of support, please reach out through the channels below to apply for assistance.

USC Student Basic Needs Fund

USC Student Basic Needs Fund

Help students with expenses related to housing, food security, job loss and other hardships caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Request Support

Contact the Student Basic Needs Department at The department is a university-led resource for currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students that addresses food, housing and financial insecurity throughout the year. See the FAQs for additional details.

COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund (CARES Act)

Federal Assistance for Students

The COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund (CARES Act) helps students with expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to COVID-19.

In spring 2020, we used an application process to distribute funds to thousands of students to meet their emergency financial needs. For fall 2020, we will be using financial aid data to determine eligibility for grant funds, so there will be no separate application process. Please see the FAQs for additional details.

CARES Act Quarterly Fund Report

The U.S. Department of Education published a Notice of Public Posting Requirement on August 31, 2020 directing universities to report on the receipt and use of funds received from the CARES Act. Our report is posted here. Our Quarterly and Expenditure Report for the institutional portion of the CARES Act funds is available here.

Archived reports can be found here.

USC COVID-19 Academic Progress Summer Scholarship

Summer 2021

Undergraduate students who enroll full-time for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 and earn fewer than 30 graded units over the course of the academic year will be eligible to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition for up to two USC online undergraduate, degree-applicable courses of no more than 4-units each at the standard undergraduate tuition rate offered in Summer 2021. Visit the FAQs for more details.

USC Employee Support Fund

Join USC in Helping Our Employees

The USC Employee Support Fund was created to support employees with an immediate need for financial assistance due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Request Support

All current full-time and part-time employees, regardless of length of tenure, are eligible. Interested employees can visit the Campus Support & Intervention website to apply. See the FAQs for additional details. The Office of Human Resources, in partnership with Campus Support & Intervention, is administering this program.

Keck Medicine of USC COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Join USC in Helping Our First Responders

Support the courageous professionals playing a crucial role on the front lines of this health crisis.

This fund will be used to support Keck Medicine healthcare workers, patients and their families during this time of unprecedented demand.