Trojan Community Guidelines

In addition to adhering to public health guidelines, every student, faculty and staff member, and visitor coming to campus will be required to follow additional university health measures. The success of the Trojans Return plan is a shared responsibility. We all must do our part to protect ourselves and especially those at higher risk both on campus and in our community. Anyone who is unable to follow these rules can request accommodation; all others are required to comply. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.


All students, faculty and staff must complete Health, Hygiene and Safety training via TrojanLearn (requires flash-compatible browser), which outlines the university’s safeguards as well as individual protection measures, such as proper hand washing, physical distancing and the use of face coverings.

Trojan Commitment

All individuals returning to campus must agree to uphold the Trojan Commitment to abide by these safeguards for the health and safety of the entire USC community.

Compliance and Accountability

Compliance with public health measures is mandatory. To prevent widespread infections and possible campus closure, all students, faculty and staff must play a role and take these measures seriously. By following the proper health, hygiene and safety procedures, we can protect our community together. Those who put others at risk by violating these expectations will be subject to disciplinary action that may lead to removal from campus. Managers and supervisors are expected to hold their employees accountable for adhering to mandatory health and safety behaviors while in the workplace.

The University requires all students who have physical presence in, or contact with, the University community (including the off-campus community) to follow the health and safety requirements listed in our campus policies.

The University’s health and safety requirements may be more restrictive than the guidelines issued by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and other health authorities.  Students who have physical presence in, or contact with, the University community, will be held to these requirements.  These requirements apply even if students have received the vaccine, and/or recovered from COVID-19.

FAQs related to this policy are listed on the FAQ: Health and Safety page.

Campus Access

Vehicle and pedestrian access to campus will be routed through specific entry points. All individuals entering campus will be required to show proof of Trojan Check, or complete a symptom check paper form onsite prior to entry. Visitors are also required to provide their personal information and details of where they will be visiting on campus.

Most campus buildings will remain locked with access only for authorized employees performing essential services, and those students attending in-person courses and/or other university-approved activities on campus.

Safety perimeter ambassadors will be stationed at access points to the University Park Campus at the following entrances with dedicated hours of operation to ensure compliance with the symptom check requirements. Please be prepared to show proof of Trojan Check to access campus for the day. Safety ambassadors will be present on both campuses (University Park Campus and Health Sciences Campus) to reinforce public health requirements. Campus access points for UPC are as follows:

  • Pedestrian – Exposition and Trousdale entrance
  • Pedestrian – Jefferson and Trousdale entrance
  • Pedestrian – Jefferson and McClintock entrance – Mobile pass only
  • Pedestrian – McCarthy Way and Figueroa entrance
  • Pedestrian – Vermont and Downey entrance
  • Vehicular – Jefferson Blvd Structure
  • Vehicular – McCarthy Way Structure 
  • Vehicular – McClintock Ave. entrance
  • Vehicular – On McClintock Ave, near Michelson building

See the General Restart FAQs for more information regarding campus access.


Visitors to our campuses will be restricted in compliance with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines. This is necessary in order to help protect our USC community, and to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Guests, including members of the local community, will be permitted to walk the campus grounds under the university’s health and safety protocols. All guests are required to wear face coverings, maintain 6 feet of physical distancing, and complete Trojan Check, either online in advance or onsite via paper form. Campus tours are not currently in operation.

We are establishing procedures for all other visitors to campus buildings, including university vendors and visiting faculty or researchers. In general, visitors to campus buildings will only be permitted if absolutely essential and by appointment. Meetings should be conducted either online or via phone whenever possible.

Contractors engaged in on-campus construction products must coordinate their activities with USC Capital Construction and Development (CCD). On-campus construction plans must be approved by CCD, and will be subject to regular compliance audits.

We are not permitting USC Housing residents to bring any guests or visitors into housing facilities for the protection of our community. This includes parents, guardians, siblings and other relatives. This restriction will be in place until further notice.